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 Property Information
 Assessor's ID No. 5709-003-049  
 Site Address No Address Available
 Property Type Vacant Land
 Region / Cluster 05 / 05104  
 Tax Rate Area (TRA) 07500  
 Recent Sale Information
 Latest Sale Date 09/20/2013  
 Indicated Sale Price $55,000
 2013 Roll Values
 Recording Date 05/19/2011  
 Land $3,528
 Improvements $0
 Personal Property $0
 Fixtures $0
 Homeowners' Exemption $0
 Real Estate Exemption $0
 Personal Property Exemption $0
 Fixture Exemption $0  
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 Property Boundary Description
TR=13470 LOTS 32,34 AND POR OF LOT 33         
 Building Description(s)

No building information is available for this parcel.